Gabriele Tosi - film music composer

Film music, new age piano, relaxing piano music, soundtracks

I'm a film music composer and I made 2 CD's "Andromeda" and "Orizzonti" that you can find on iTunes, Amazon and Cdbay.

I compose film music, romantic piano music, ragtime, valzer, epic music, background music for videos and more.
For this reason I suggested to listen to this Playlist on Youtube with my music.

In my website newagemusica (italian) and soundtracks-music  (english) you can find information about my music for filmmakers but also to have piano lessons in Rome.

Please visit my official youtube channel I reached almost 2.000.000 views and over 4.500 subscribers without record productions.

Gabriele Tosi

  • Notturno
  • Klavier
  • 3.50 USD
  • Miracles
  • Klavier
  • 3.50 USD
  • Endless
  • Klavier — Arrangeur Tosi G.
  • 3.50 USD
  • Sensazioni
  • Klavier — Arrangeur Tosi G.
  • 5.00 USD
  • Esperienze
  • Klavier — Arrangeur Tosi G.
  • 3.50 USD
  • Onda
  • Klavier — Arrangeur Tosi G.
  • 3.90 USD
  • Penelope
  • Klavier — Arrangeur Tosi G.
  • 4.50 USD

Piano sheet of Andromeda and Sensazioni

07.01.2013 News

On my musicaneo profile you can find a new piano sheet of "Andromeda" and my new piano song "Sensazioni" On youtube I have good result with over 500.000 listeners! Gabriele Tosi

New classical piano song "Esperienze" on my profile

12.01.2012 News

I published   my last   piano work   " experiences ."   If you want to   hear and   play it   go to my   profile. Also you can find other info about me on: Gabriele Tosi

New piano song "Esperienze" by Gabriele Tosi

26.12.2011 News

Next week I'll upload another piano piece on loadcd: "Esperienze" Enjoy this new score! Gabriele Tosi 

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