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Gabriele Tosi

Gabriele Tosi

is an italian pianist and composer of film music, new age piano, relaxing piano music, background music and soundtracks.

When he was child, he began to study the piano and he composed his first original piano songs. After a long course of study, he graduated in classical piano at the Conservatory of Pesaro and he graduated in Economics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".

He won several national classical piano competitions and he developed his skills about the composition of ambient music and new age piano music also through the study of the most important audio software and the modern keyboards.

Inspired by the music of Einaudi, Vangelis, Sakamoto, K. Jarrett, in 2009 he started an ambitious project of contemporary piano music . He composed two CDs "Andromeda" and "Orizzonti " (available on Cd BabyiTunesAmazon) with nine pieces for piano and orchestra but also with modern electronic sounds. These piano songs are very melodic and are perfect how background music to movies, videos, images but also for the relaxation.

Today he continued to compose new age piano music, background music and film music: a lot of filmmakers and people like this relaxing piano songs (see Gabriele Tosi's official youtube channel with over 1.300.000 views!).


Pupi Avati, famous italian filmmaker: "Gabriele Tosi's piano music is full of wonderful and various melodies. Musical notes for the absolute"
Guido Harari, photogrpher and cd cover creator for famous artists like Paul McCartney, Capossela, Bob Dylan, BB King, Pavarotti, Ute Lemper, Michael Nyman: "We thought Gabriele Tosi's piano music was perfect for delicacy and depth to accompany my photographs of Kate Bush. His approach, fundamentally classic, is full of unexpected openings that make theis piano style particularly visual. His piano songs are real "meditations" to transcend the music label "new age piano", extending the potential wisdom"
Nunzio Rotondo, jazz musician: "Gabriele Tosi's piano music is incredible! Fantastic melodies for all films genrs. Only smart filmdirectors will discover his wonderful music!"
Azlan Azha, Doctor ophthalmic: "I mainly do cataract surgeries in my Daycare Operation Theatre under local anaesthesia. As a result my patients are mostly well aware of their surroundings. This has led to them having a huge amount of stress and anxiety. I have conducted a small pilot study that incorporated the sound of Gabriele Tosis's piano music (more specifically Andromeda by Gabriele Tosi) and it was extraordinarily well received by my patients. Some even wanting to have a copy of these relaxing piano songs. Objectively, we could observed a drop in Heart Rate and Blood Pressure in those who listen to Gabriele Tosis' instrumental music during surgery."

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